Pink Bome wax melts (lush type)

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Fall in love with Pink BOMB, a love wax melts . It's the perfect way to share your feelings with someone you adore. With special notes of apple, pink grapefruit, and cyclamen, Pink BOMB evokes a sense of passion and warmth, just like their blockbuster hit Twilight!


Pink BOMB wax melts reminds us of walking through a beautiful garden. Imagine the scent as you take in all of the details that surround you. The garden contains apple, pink grapefruit, and cyclamen along with rose to give you a sensual scent that feels warm and inviting. This is the perfect wax melt to use in your home when you want to feel like you’re out in nature experiencing all it has to offer. If someone special is around, this is also a great candlelit date night option since they will be able to see how thoughtful and romantic you are!


. Lasts up to 20 hours.
Wax Melt - Made with Soy Wax and 100% natural fragrance oils, these scent-infused pads are perfect for melting in an electric wax warmer or tart burner. Victoria's Secret type fragrances will warm your senses, perfect for a cozy night in.