Our story

When I first joined the autism support group, I was pretty lost. My son had just been diagnosed with

autism, and I had no idea what it meant for his future. The women in the group were so kind and

compassion they'd been where I was, and they were able to help me see that there were some beautiful moments

ahead of me with my son. I realized that each of their houses smelled like compassion, love, and kindness and I

wanted to bottle that up so I could have it with me everywhere I went.

I created Huda candles because my mission is to help you create your own safe haven wherever you go.

I believe in making every space a place of love and support, which is why each candle is carefully

crafted to bring joy into every room of your house. I know that life is tough, but I also know that it's

possible to make the spaces we inhabit as comforting as possible for us and for those around us.

I think we all have a light within ourselves. I have seen it. The candle is a kind of a reflection of that part of us.

Because I believe that it's important to talk about what you're going through, but it can be hard to open up, especially when you're feeling alone.

I am here for you, because I know you're not alone.