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Warning this candle love bites only for couple highly pheromones smell amazing for attraction if you are single do not buy this and exit from this page Now!!!


Love bites candle

*This overpowering romantic candle features sensational scent

*They also help set the mood when you aren't with your special someone

*With a great candle burning, dinner ready, and soft music playing. You can say I do to candle love.

Love bites are a fun way to show your love for someone,.

If you're looking for ways to show your partner that you love them, then the love bites candle is an option. This candle has an interesting design, and it will add some spice to your room decor. The best part about this candle is that it's made from soy wax, which means it's clean burning and environmentally friendly. You can also use this candle as an aromatherapy tool if you want to add some relaxing scents into your home.

The only drawback with this product is that it's not cheap

The only thing better than a fresh new scent is the anticipation of what it will smell like. Love Bites Candles are one of our most popular items, and they're perfect for every occasion and season.

These candles are made of all natural ingredients and hand poured with pure soy wax. We use cotton wicks so they burn clean and bright. The result is an amazing candle that smells great and burns beautifully.

Love Bites Candles come in many different scents, including:

Love Letters - Fresh cut roses, sweet vanilla bean & rich jasmine petals

Vanilla Bean - A delicious blend of vanilla beans & creamy white chocolate

Romantic Rose - Fresh garden roses mixed with mandarin oranges & juicy pomegranate fruits

LOVE BITS CANDLE , can only be shipped to couple ONLY