Hot chocolates Soy Wax Candle, Earth gifts candle Poured in Small batches in The UAE 8oz 50-Hour Burn | Soy Candle in Glass Jar | Free palm oil

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I smile, and he brings me a Hot chocolate


  • *HOT CHOCOLATE SCENT : The scrumptious scent of semi-sweet chocolate stirred in a creamy froth of steamed milk topped with vanilla crème and decadent milk chocolate shavings and best for room decor


  • *SIMPLE & CONTEMPORARY: 8 oz poured into a tumbler-style glass that highlights the vibrantly colored wax and amazing fragrance; burns up to 50 hours


  • 50-HOUR BURN TIME :Boy Smells long-lasting candles are made with a proprietary, all-natural Our even, slow-burning candle outlast traditional paraffin candle wax or soy candles.


  • *CLEAN & SOOT-FREE: Lead-free wick with patented straightener to ensure proper burning every time; Keep wick trimmed to 1/4" and remove wick holder before lighting


  • *COTTON ORGANIC WICK : These beautiful jar candles are made with a Cotton organic wick that provides a luxurious experience that brings you closer to nature. Use it for your meditation practice, stress relief, as decoration for your home, or yoga studio, or as a beach candle.


  • FRAGRANCE :Spot on, warm and true fragrance. It has just enough depth to be truly hot chocolate, it makes you wish to have a hot chocolate cup in the right moment you light the candle up.candles with smell.
  • free Phthalate
  • free Nitro Musk


This candle is an open invitation to your memory lane. she makes your home smell like your favorite warm drink, movie theater, diving

into the pool, or a night in the country.

A candle is a common household item. But this candle is not just

made for everyday life. we have a unique scent that'll transport you

right back to your happy memory.


Remember your first data in the winter remember the data that you meet someone in the

roof it was first love that this person is special he grab you a cup or hot chocolate to warm

and we start talking hours after horse , i love hot chocolate smell has sweet memories in our

life and love this candle hot chocolate