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Coconut Bay is very tropical, fun and lively scent. Its not your beachy typical coconut scents - it reminds you of that island vacation where you soaked up the sun and enjoyed the tropical summer breezes. The scent of the candle is about a freshly opened coconut sitting on a distant beach as you lay in a hammock and dream the day away.
Made from 100% pure soy beans, our Coconut Bay candle is an authentic recreation of the fragrance of a freshly opened coconut. The aroma of sweet fresh coconut and warm vanilla brings to mind lazy days on tropical beaches, drinking pina coladas, and generally behaving like you're on vacation even when you're not. Our Coconut Bay candle will help you relax all summer long.

the 8 oz mason jar candle is 10 cm high and 8cm  wide with a single cotton wick. It has a pewter color metal lid. It burns for 50 + hours.

Burn clean, burn natural, smell amazing! Purple Peacock Candles

coconut soy wax from American farms