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For those who love candle and do not like the smell of wax


Looking for the perfect winter-inspired scent? Look no further than Cinnabon and their Cream & Mint Candle. This warm, enticing and sweet candle is perfect for a relaxing night by the fire, with friends or create an incredible ambiance at your next holiday party. The best part about this candle? It smells just like the cinnamon roll donut that everyone knows and loves!

Give yourself a break from the cold and warm up with our delicious Cinnabon Cream & Mint candle. Our warm ring of delicious cinnamon scent will fill your home with goodness and comfort, leaving you feeling like you just finished a fresh batch of Cinnabons.

No more from cheap candle that doesn't give you the smell

Scent: Cinnabon Cream & Mint


8 oz mason jar candle

10 cm high and 8cm  wide with a single cotton wick. It has a pewter color metal lid.

It burns for 50 + hours.

Burn clean, burn natural, smell amazing! 

Inside the jar:
  1. 100% American-grown, GMO-free soy wax
  2. Scented with pure essential oils and non-toxic fragrance oil
  3. Cotton wick
  1. Hand-poured in small batches
  2. 8 oz. candle has a clean and natural burn time of 50 hours
  3. Vegan & cruelty-free 
  4. No synthetic colorants or dyes
Whether for a special occasion or a cozy evening, our candles are sure to send the right message

Cinnabon Cream & Mint that just come from oven


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