black Diamond candle (Hotel Collection)

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Nothing is more irritating than having a candle that smells amazing but goes out before the scent does.

We want our candles to smell great so we can pamper ourselves with cozy evenings at home. Even if someone else has the same beautiful smelling candle.

The black Diamond candle burns for 50 hours, and it's made from natural ingredients and with no dyes, paraffin, beeswax or animal fat.The eye-catching Black Diamond candle. It is not just any ordinary candle! It is the perfect centerpiece for any event. It looks great, it smells amazing and you won't be embarassed to remark on how great it smells once it is lighted. 


180 Ml

Our 100% natural soy wax formula holds the oils longer making for longer lasting fragrance, while still maintaining great scent throw. It's 100% plant based, responsibly sourced soy from U.S. farms, and has a super clean burn.

American farms are grown and blended with 4 botanical oils and waxes FDA approve